4742040000409 (bottle)
0,5 l
Wholesale packaging:
1 box – 15 pcs
Store at +2…20 °C
18 months from production
Storing conditions:
room temperature, protected from direct sunlight

Produced in Estonia by Auxner OÜ

SEMU cranberry juice 100% 0,5l

Semu cranberry 100% juice is made from cold-pressed cranberry puree and does not contain added sugar or preservatives.

Cranberries are rich with antioxidants and high in fibre, but also a good source of a variety of different vitamins and minerals including calcium, beta carotene which converts to vitamin A and helps support the immune system and some vitamin C, which is important for healthy skin. Cranberries also provide anti-inflammatory compounds, improve blood flow and circulation, help lower blood pressure and are beneficial to your gut bacteria, helping prevent constipation and support digestive health. The berries have also been shown to help improve artery flexibility and protect heart health by reducing cholesterol.

Shake before use. Can be mixed with water. Refrigerate after opening.


Ingredients: Cranberry puree (100%).

100 ml of the product contains on average:

109 kJ/29 kcal
0,5 g
including saturated fatty acids 0 g
4,4 g
including sugars 2,8 g
<0,3 g
0 g

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